posted by: Sadie Carrington

Customer-centric project management at Chameleon

How many times have I heard the question ‘So… roughly speaking, how much does it cost to ‘do’ an event then?’ Wouldn’t it be easy if we could adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach to developing events solutions for our clients. Easy maybe… but not as rewarding.

Our clients are not like factory produced sausages, all with the same flavour, filling and standard skins and their events are not delivered like a Harry Potter spell with a flick of a wand and a magical incantation of Excellentoeventus!

It goes without saying that our customers are all unique and come to us with a huge variety of differing expectations, experience and understanding. How much do we need to spend? Where should we hold the event?  How long will it take to put it all together? How do I get our management team to focus on an event which is months away when there are so many competing priorities for their time?

At Chameleon we adapt our approach as much to fit the needs of the person or team tasked with organising an event, their business and culture as to answer the specifics of the event brief itself. We want to complement existing teams and extend our specialist knowledge for our clients benefit. Adding value by guiding clients through the myriad of processes and critical decisions that enable us – working together with them – to develop the right event solution on time and on budget, every time.

We always start with trying to get a full picture of why a client is doing the event, who the audience is and what the expectations are both for the event itself and beyond. How do you want the audience to feel and think after the event? What are the event takeaways? What differences do you expect to see and what actions taken by guests to confirm that the event has met your objectives. This understanding helps us to build a blueprint for our approach and identify key milestones that we need to achieve on the journey towards delivering an event.

It’s a well acknowledged truth that the devil is in the detail, that every second counts and that each and every experiential touch point is under increasing scrutiny in today’s fast paced world. Metrics and analysis underpin every aspect of our lives and events are no different. We want to be sure that we can measure the effectiveness of your spend and the reach and impact of your engagement and communications. So, exploring the ways in which we can harness technology to engage, involve and evaluate events is always high on our list of discussion priorities.

We know that reputations can be built and destroyed in a click, with social media amplifying opinion and comments spreading like wildfire in both positive and negative ways.

It’s because things change constantly and expectations evolve, that we build flexibility into our thinking and project management approach. Like chameleons we constantly adapt to the shifting landscape that we all have to navigate on a daily basis to ensure that we and our clients not only survive but thrive, both now and in the future.