the Chameleon way

Our success comes down to our ability to listen to the needs of your business, to think creatively about the challenge you are looking to overcome, to work with you to develop original ideas and to deliver outstanding events. We like to keep things simple, from quote to debrief. We strive to be personable, transparent and truly collaborative.

The Chameleon way starts off with us asking you two simple questions, why and what? Why are you hosting the event? What do you want to achieve by it? The answers to these simple questions inform our creative direction. We’re full of bright, new ideas that our production team bring to life.

We understand that all of our clients have unique requirements, every company we work with has a different understanding of event production and so we always tailor our approach to meet these needs. Our clients tell us that it’s our personal approach which keeps them coming back.

We wanted to show you the steps we’ll take with you from our first conversation through to delivery on your big day and learning from how we have worked together.

1. discover

First things first, we want to know a little more about you, what you are trying to achieve and the way you want your event guest to feel. With this insight our technical team start designing your event.

2. design

Leave it with us, we’ll use what we’ve learnt about you, what we know from the industry and new ideas from science, technology and hospitality to create ideas which fit you and your brand. We’ve got a knack for combining technical expertise and creativity so you can expect to see ideas that push boundaries.

3. develop

Our first designs are a springboard for something outstanding. We’ll work with you to arrive at the most effective and impactful ideas for your event. We’ll be checking in with you as our ideas evolve together.

4. delight

Show time! Our master team of technicians and project managers ensure that everything falls into place. We’re rooting for you and when you’re delighted we are too!

Finally, we loop back to discover. We want to know what’s gone well and where we could learn more to make things even more impactful in the future.