what we did / how we did it

event details

venue: private members venue, Oxfordshire
type: PR partner event
delegates: 200

A great example of brand fit. The venue, staging and technical production promoted a relaxed and fun vibe which matched that of our client. Delegates were able to learn as much as possible whilst making the most of the stunning grounds. We once again worked seamlessly with Purple Dog Solutions as their production partner.

the brief

Purple Dog Solutions came to us to be their production partner for a well known tech company’s PR Partner Event. The private members venues rustic space provided the perfect location for a branded set and stage for the evening entertainment. The client required a dynamic space which allowed delegates to make the most of the venues beautiful grounds in good weather whilst having the option of shelter for unpredictable British weather!

the concept

Despite the conference being relatively content heavy we needed to ensure the day fitted in with our brands laid-back approach. The solution was to optimise the space by incorporating internal and external elements; relaxed cushioned seating indoors and hay bales and a marquee outside provided an ideal space for easy networking and a chilled out area between content. In the outside marquee product plinths were used to demonstrate a new tech feature introduced to the platform, this interactive element worked to keep the delegates engaged throughout.


the delivery

Barwell barn was the location of the bulk of the conference where we included a bespoke branded set for a range of esteemed professionals to use as a backdrop. With the event being brand focused, the entire day had to live and breathe the client – collateral ranging from clips to badges as well as tech friendly charge ports ensured everything was thought of. Thanks to the good weather, delegates enjoyed the stunning grounds of the venue, enjoying food and drinks in the chill out area before, after and during the conference which supported the free-flowing and relaxed vibe of the client and the day which was topped off by an amazing performance by a band on our branded stage.

what they said?

Having recruited Chameleon as a Production delivery partner on a number of my client events, I have enjoyed the fact that they mirror my own organisation's ethos around transparency. We were also flattered to be asked to partner them in order to offer a couple of their own clients a 'full spectrum' of event services, which proves to me that they genuinely value business relationships as a two-way street. Their Principal, Suzanne is always available should the need arise, their decision making is quick and easy, they honour commitments and provide a good level of product equipment and service.

Chris Clarke Director, Purple Dog Solutions