what we did/ how we did it

event details 

venue: Tobacco Dock, London

type: business change implementation/ training Event

delegates: 3,660 (1,200 per day over 3 days)

We catapulted our delegates into the future with this immersive experience. VR headsets, holograms, digital escape rooms and video coaching brought the future of work and communication into the present. Our client, PwC, implemented new financial management and HR software this year with the intention of future-proofing the company and providing a brilliant platform for its employees to ‘build a better tomorrow’. To ensure the successful adoption of the software companywide, PwC fostered the use of an immersive coaching day where delegates participated in practical workshops and got to grips with the capabilities of the system. This gave the resources to understand what the system could do as well as providing them with the practical skills to put it to the test back in the office.

the brief

With any project of this scale, we always start with what our client wants their delegates to feel when they leave their event. The key words which kept coming up were inspired, motivated and optimistic. PwC wanted to change the way people worked, through the implementation of new software and processes. Key to this success was making sure that their employees were entirely behind this change as a team. So this event was all about making change happen, learning and giving individuals the resources to understand new concepts and skills.

Our opportunity was to produce a high-energy, inspirational and motivational event which would encourage delegates to embrace change and inspire them. We did this by creating an immersive experience which catapulted them into the future. VR headsets and video coaching proved an exciting way to demonstrate how we will communicate in the future. Holograms gave a sci-fi eye into what the future of the workplace might look like, while digital escape rooms got delegates communicating with both one another and directly with the software. All of this brought the future of work and communication into the present.

the concept

With this event so firmly rooted in the future of the company, we used a multitude of techniques to ensure the day was as forward-thinking as possible. Change and adversity can often be met with anxiety and fear by a workforce. We turned these emotions on their head by keeping delegates interested, enthused, and positive, moving them through a multitude of spaces and getting them to work in multiple group sizes throughout the day.

the delivery

Delegates were transported into the future from the moment they stepped into Tobacco Dock. Firstly their Chairman and Senior Partner, Kevin Ellis welcomed them in the form of a hologram! They watched an immersive film which provided a whistle-stop tour of what personal and business life might look like by 2040.

From here delegates entered the event space – a selection of breakout and relaxation areas which maintained and encouraged the casual and collaborative feel. Inspirational activities took place in the plenary areas while interaction/refreshment areas gave delegates the chance to network and share thoughts. The dynamic nature of the day kept the content fresh, inspiring and energy filled.

Technology-enhanced workshops, inspirational content and activities all provided interactive and engaging ways to communicate the change to delegates. They were able to visualise, experience and adopt a positive attitude towards the future and understand the role that they, the software and PwC play in it.