what we did / how we did it

event details

venue: The Brewery, London
type: employee conference
delegates: 600

This professional services company’s financial conference is a key event in their corporate calendar with 600 delegates attending.

As a repeating annual event, we gave the conference a fresh feel to keep returning delegates engaged and interested.

the brief

The event brings together 600 delegates from all over Europe and beyond.  It is the central meeting point for the year and showcases the firm as the leader in its field.  The pressure to deliver is high as most delegates attend year after year.  It needs to be fresh, engaging and high quality to reflect the brand and please an exacting client.

the concept

We know this audience and their attention level is short.  They only want to hear the information that’s important to them.  Our idea was to deliver the content in a mixture of traditional conference style, along with mixed panel sessions with interactive technology and showcases. By mixing the information delivery styles, the audience gathered the information they wanted in a style that suited them.  We also understood that this was a massive networking event, so that agenda reflected this and put our client at the heart of the action while still giving delegates time to talk – an essential that is often overlooked.


the delivery

We employed projection mapping to introduce a dynamic element to a traditional two screen set, interactivity was captured by the clever use of the clients own digital app. Showcases in the networking space allowed delegates to get the information that interested them. This was all achieved against a background of an extremely tight turn around which was forced by narrow tenancy times.


what they said

We had a debrief meeting on Friday and the stage set was mentioned as being one of the most innovative seen for a long time and we were way ahead of other FS conferences! So I'll take that! I was very pleased and Amanda and Stuart were great to work with.

Professional Services Event Manager