what we did/ how we did it

event details

venue: client head office, London
type: awards
delegates: 160

Our client’s annual staff awards ceremony is a highly anticipated event. Our brief was to create an engaging and glamorous awards space whilst retaining the company’s strong brand image. Set in the company’s internal conference space, we needed to transform the environment and accommodate a large stage, all production equipment as well as cabaret dining for 160 people.

the brief

To create a highly engaging space for a prestigious award ceremony. Our client wanted to use their own internal space, one used every day for conferences. Our challenge was to make the room virtually unrecognisable to our excited delegates.

the concept

We knew the guests may have been initially disappointed at the prospect of the awards taking place in a location they see daily. We had to make sure they walked in feeling wowed, surprised and excited by what they saw. The solution was to take their corporate colours and design a funky “art gallery” feel. Our production team drew up exciting visuals which used bold geometric shapes incorporating our client’s colour palette to stay within brand guidelines.


the delivery

Once the idea was signed off our production team used CAD designs to make scale models to gauge physical space, angles and how lighting effects. Lighting was vital to our concept, it transformed the atmosphere.

We experimented with materials, built prototypes. Sustainability is a core concern our client and we took this on board, using responsibly sourced materials and taking recycling considerations into the design. We used lighting filters instead of heavy acrylic to keep resources down, ensure a high-quality finish and reduce weight to allow larger sections to be hung on fixing points.

We experimented with paint and timber, deciding on a boxed 3D look using graduated metallic paint to give the appearance of metal. Each of the 40 triangles were individually CAD designed and cut by hand to get a seamless finish.

One of the biggest challenges was transporting everything to London without damage – we took spares – we love contingency.

The final effect was beautiful.  The organisers and delegates were thrilled.