what we did/ how we did it

event details

venue: Printworks, London

type: product launch

delegates: 150

Our client is an international car and truck manufacturer. The event was a celebration.  It marked the launch of the world’s first all-electric truck in series production. Being a forerunner in electric transport and logistics, our client used this event to also show its commitment to supporting London’s greener transport agenda and the event showcased companies committed to London’s future.  The event not only showcased the E-Fuso electric truck to potential customers, it was also designed to inspire and motivate other brands across the industry. With these two distinct objectives, the event needed to be a combination of both entertainment and education. We collaborated with a design agency based in Berlin who sketched up some initial designs which we brought to life technically, providing full production management.

the brief

We worked on our client’s brief in collaboration with their design agency based in Germany. Our team followed the initial design closely in order to give the final event the style and atmosphere our client was looking for. We brought their ideas to life. The chosen venue, Printworks, in London, reflected the industrial nature of the product and supported its size. The scale of the venue gave our production team great scope in terms of design and production, but with 150 very important delegates we also needed to achieve a level of intimacy during the event. Our solution was a large but immersive set, combined with an agenda which kept delegates moving through a series of exhibition areas and breakouts.  This approach kept everyone engaged and enthusiastic.

the technical approach

One of the striking features of our initial creative were the beams which ran consistently throughout all aspects of the set design. The beams were created using over 600 meters of CLS timber which we stained with Danish-Oil. Our team of 15 technicians crafted this bespoke set. The two-day rig transformed the vast venue.

In line with our client’s sustainable objectives all timber and materials were recycled appropriately.

The impressive set incorporated the van-way alongside a 5m front-projection screen and included a 20ft front-projection screen which added some drama to the space. Our production team designed and created a set of bespoke giant doors which fitted into the set. The doors, which stood 5m high opened to reveal three branded E-Fuso trucks which drove through the audience showcasing the product. The trucks were bearing the branding of suppliers which have chosen to use the new model including Wincanton, DPD and Hovis.

The big reveal included talks from international speakers as well as a violinist performance. Talks focused on the strategic importance of the vehicles, better urban living and development. The violinist and special effects were used to create an emotional atmosphere. The handover part of the show was interspersed with exhibition elements, product led demo’s and workshops to ensure the day as informative, immersive and engaging as possible.

We utilised the large space by keeping delegates moving from area to area, through gallery walks, lounge and cafes. The demos, exhibitions and networking sessions gave delegates the opportunity to get to know the people behind products, ideas and initiatives in a relaxed and collaborative environment. The use of demo’s and workshops enabled like-minded individuals to connect, encourage conversation and know-how transfer.