posted by: Jessica Storry

Our approach to technology for PwC

We’re proud of the colossal event we managed along with our partners which harnessed the power of current and futuristic technology to drive a company-wide, technology-driven transformation initiative for our client, PwC.

A fusion of VR, Holographic and LED tech converted the iconic and listed Tobacco Docks, London into a space which would inspire over 3,500 delegates.

PwC is changing how it manages its HR through the introduction of new HR and finance software. To support them in this transition we created a multi-sensory immersive experience which could both change the way employees worked (creating a space whereby employees could get behind the change as a team) and inspire delegates with a positive outlook on the future.

A new frontier: immersion experience

Each day we immersed delegates in a mind-bending sensory experience through LED projection and lighting technology created by our partners Anna Valley. Delegates walked into a space featuring two huge 11m x 2.5m LED walls; delegates were surrounded by screens showing them the possibilities of the future workplace. The focal point of this space was a Musion hologram experience featuring PwC UK Senior Partner and Chairman, Kevin Ellis, welcoming delegates to the event. Cues from the hologram presentation prompted supporting content from the LED walls, making for a seamless amalgamation of current and futuristic technology.

A well-executed hologram can blow the minds of an audience”, explains Brian Ludwig, the senior VP of sales at the software giant, Cvent.

Suzanne Williams, our Managing Director, explains her highlight for the day as the moment a Managing Partner of PwC experienced the immersion technology. “We expected him to watch it once because his time is so precious, but he stood there and watched it four times because he couldn’t believe the impression it was leaving on people”

Kevin Ellis, PwC UK Managing Partner and Chairman welcoming delegates to the event.

Combining technologies

Digital escape rooms, iPad coaching and Virtual Reality spaces engaged delegates through hands-on learning. Virtual Reality was used for meditation and wellbeing sessions while other digitally-inspired breakouts were designed to enhance communication and collaboration. The breakout spaces were designed around different types of outcomes, with a core focus on delegates feeling comfortable with the new software and understanding PwC’s change initiative as a whole.

Collaborative technology-driven breakouts

Our approach was to use technology in a way that was integral to the experience, rather than a peripheral extra. “Every single room had a very different type of technology in it, it wasn’t just a case of having each room stand alone, we had to tie it all in together” explains Sam Parkins, Production Manager at Chameleon.

At Chameleon, we use technology to create impactful and memorable experiences purposefully adopting innovative solutions to communicate our client’s message to their specific audiences.